Learn more about cacao and the chocolate we use

"Chocolate is a unique ingredient, an ever changing matter which can be formed, melted, sculpted and molded, it's truly alive"

The chocolate making process

From bean to bar

  • Cacao fruit comes from the Cocoa tree which typically grows between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of capricorn.
  • It takes 3 to 5 years for a cacao tree to grow its first pod and there are only 2 peak growth time per year.
  • The fruit is collected and opened when ripe, beans are then fermented, dried and sent to the chocolate factory to be turned into Chocolate.
  • When the beans arrive at the factory, theyre roasted, cooled and then have the husks removed. At this stage we have cocoa nibs, which are grinded down to form a cocoa liquer.
  • The liquer is then mixed with other ingrdients such as sugar and milk powder for milk chocolate. A paste is made from grinding all these ingredients together.
  • The paste is then 'Conched' to remove any bad odurs and to develop a unique aroma and flavour. The chocolate is then ready

The chocolate we use

At Ganache Jersey, we believe in using sustainable cacao suppliers. We use premium chocolate from Valrhona which can trace 100% of their chocolate back to the farms. By using sustainable cacao, we support fair pay for farmers, fight againt child and forced labour in the cacao industry, support initiatives for the future of cacao and promote a fair and sustainable cocoa sector.

We carefully select each chocolate to help inspire us, explore endless creative possibilites to create our own personal signature and share these with us customers.

Our hand made chocolate range